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Last month, I went over questions that you ought to ask your potential search engine marketing company regarding its approaches. That pair of questions is critical, as before moving forward with the multitude of Suchmaschinenoptimierung organizations out there, you should always determine whether or not they will put your site at risk of penalization in the leading search engines (leaving your website worse off than when your campaign started).

However, many people researching Suchmaschinenoptimierung businesses are unaware that prospective penalization is even a concern - they are mainly interested in the results that the Suchmaschinenoptimierung business can reach. This installment of the three-part series will focus on questions to establish the competence of any Suchmaschinenoptimierung business that you are thinking about. To find out whether any specific company is worthy of your trust in terms of results, consider asking the following:

"Do you demand that I make changes to my web site content?"

Any Suchmaschinenoptimierung companies that answer "no" to this question are either using shady tactics or are just scratching the surface of true Suchmaschinenoptimierung. Undoubtedly, there are some elements that could be changed on a site that are mostly transparent to the user, including meta tags, title tags, and alt tags. While making changes to these elements can cause a boost in positions, it will perhaps not give the search engine dominance to you over your opponents that you desire. Recall, search engines are interested in matching content (what appears on your own web pages) with search queries (the phrases that people are typing in to search engines).

The problem with a Suchmaschinenoptimierung business only manipulating the largely unseen elements is that search engines recognize that these elements are determined by the owner of the website and may not actually reflect the actual content that appears on the pages. To be able to perform well across the most popular engines, you have to make sure that your Suchmaschinenoptimierung business correctly addresses popular search queries within your pages. And changes are always required by this almost to your articles.

"Will you be adding additional pages to my website?"

In case a search engine marketing business answers "no" to the question but answers "yes" to the question above, it likely means that it will be using what I call the "shoehorn" method of optimization. This means that the business will try to shoehorn keyphrases in to pages on your website, in place of expanding your website to include new content.

The problem with this particular strategy is that your existing pages are unlikely to directly address the search query. They may achieve high positions for you, when Suchmaschinenoptimierung organizations shoehorn in keyphrases, but you probably will not need many long - term visitors. For example, suppose that your company makes widgets and you have an "about us" page on your own website that gives a brief history of your company, in addition to contact information and driving directions. If your Suchmaschinenoptimierung firm optimizes this site for "custom widget pricing," and you later achieve high positions for the phrase, it does not indicate that you will see much benefit. One can deduce from the query that individuals are searching for actual pricing information, perhaps not information on where your business is found or when it was founded. Yet another web page that directly addresses their search query is just a click of the straight back button away.

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