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Winning Nomination

I think one spot of the 150 should be reserved for unknown champions. These are the people who may not be remembered by history, even in their own communities, but were essential to building Minnesota and making it what it is. They include the people who built the churches, hockey arenas, first schools, community centers, town parks, ball parks, and downtowns. Each of these projects required someone--often acting on his or her own initiative and out of a passion for building a working society--who got the job done. Committees helped, as did official organizations and governments. But behind every major structure, physical and otherwise, in every town in Minnesota, there is someone who decided to just go ahead and do it. By reserving a place on the list for these folks you recognize a critical part of the history of the state--and you extend your list of 150 to thousands of others.
~Doug Wilhide, Minneapolis, MN

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