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Winning Nomination

William R. Sweatt was the founder of Minneapolis Heat and Regulator Company, which later merged with Honeywell. Under Sweatt's leadership Honeywell grew into a major force in engineering and world business. Commercializing the world's first adjustable thermostat--the Flapper Damper invented by Arnold Butz--allowed citizens to sleep through the night without having to turn on and off their furnaces to maintain a comfortable temperature. Today the Honeywell Round thermostat is one of the most globally recognized brands installed in hundreds of million homes. With the sale of Honeywell to Allied Signal in Morristown, N.J., Minnesota lost one of its crown jewels. The Honeywell red "H" logo was saved from oblivion solely because of its global brand recognition.
~William R. Sweatt II, Golden Valley, MN

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