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Winning Nomination

Brothers Ron and Al Lindner were pioneers who did more to educate Midwest fishermen than anyone. They were not the first to identify the importance of structure to successful fishing, nor the originators of backtrolling for walleyes, but they did more than anyone else to popularize fishing both in Minnesota and the entire Midwest.

They were successful fishermen and guides in northern Minnesota who leveraged their success to found the Lindy tackle company later Lindy-Little Joe and the In-Fisherman empire of magazines, television shows, radio broadcasts, and a large line of books and videos. Their Lindy Rig is probably the most used method/technique/lure/rig for walleye fishing in the country.

Although they have sold their interest in Lindy-Little Joe and In-Fisherman, both Ron and Al continue to publish articles and books and give interviews, to educate people in the joy of fishing and the wonderment of northern Minnesota.

Also, Ron and Al Lindner were very prolific fishermen who became early adopters of the importance of Catch and Release. They used their influence, shows, and articles to educate people about the importance of keeping a moderate amount of smaller fish to eat, and letting the rest go.

Fishing and the love of the northern lakes are core attributes and attractions of Minnesota. No one better represents these than Ron and Al Lindner.
~James Schreiber, Richfield, MN

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