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Winning Nomination

Paul and Sheila Wellstone transformed us as they traveled across our state listening to so many Minnesotans, immigrants, veterans, those who were beaten down--or just average folks who aren't usually counted for anything. They had the ability to hear us and remember us--and they stood up for us in Washington, D.C. I remember exactly the moment I heard they had died--it was the most terrible day in my political memory because something in me seemed to die. I almost lost hope. I mean hope in the big picture, hope in our nation, because who will stand up for us in Washington now? We who don't have money and power in our government? Who will push our government to be the true democracy it was meant to be?

We will, of course. Paul and Sheila would never accept such a hapless excuse. Never give up hope--keep working, wheedling, organizing! We Minnesotans will never give up our voice for justice, which is unique in our nation!
~Mina Leierwood, Minneapolis, MN

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