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Winning Nomination

This is the Great Minnesota Get-Together that has been going on for around 150 years. The Fair is a unique blend of farming and big-city exhibits and demonstrations. It has changed over the years to reflect the changes in our community and state. For example, Machinery Hill was THE destination after World War II for farmers from all over the state to kick the tires on the latest farm implements. The Hill gradually changed in the last decade to reflect the new urban farmer with high-tech lawn mowers and mini-excavator machines. And yet as much as it changed, many things are still the same, like the 4-H Center where kids from all parts of Minnesota come to give demonstrations and skits on the main stage.

Families have gone to the Fair for generations. And the Fair changes with the times as well. In 2006, there was an Eco-Center with many different booths with energy conservation themes, which is very timely considering the increasing cost of gasoline, fuel oil, and natural gas. It truly is the Great Minnesota Get-Together!
~Tom Sletten, St. Anthony, MN

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