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Winning Nomination

Margaret Culkin Banning was a prolific Minnesota author publishing 36 books spanning 59 years. Her novels and 400 short stories and essays documented the moods and manners of American women in 20th-century America. Banning was born in Buffalo, Minnesota, moving to Duluth, which her father represented in the Minnesota Senate, early in her life. Her education, marriage, motherhood, divorce, World War II service (in British Information), remarriage, political leadership (she participated in two National Republican Conventions), and active civic and social life, uniquely qualified Banning to comment on the changing role of women in society. She did not shy away from the important and controversial issues of her day, from juvenile delinquency to birth control.

I would like to nominate Margaret Culkin Banning as one of the finest and most influential Minnesota writers, and a representative of writers who largely made their living selling articles to the popular women’s magazines of their day.
~Patrick Coleman, St. Paul, MN

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