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Winning Nomination

Jeffers Petroglyphs is where Minnesota's recorded history began. Between 9,000 and 250 years ago, more than 2,000 images were carved into rock. These carvings have their stylistic roots in different regions throughout North America. They represent the prayers of people seeking spiritual guidance and record their parables and historic events. They document the perseverance of the people including the Cheyenne, Dakota, Arapaho, Otoe, and Iowa who thrived on this prairie for thousands of years because of their deep understanding and intimate relationship with their physical and spiritual world. Jeffers Petroglyphs records some of the oldest cultural traditions still practiced by living people and provides contact with those traditions to American Indians seeking reconnection or deeper connections to their traditional culture. Today, American Indians visit and pray at this sacred place. In fact, Jeffers Petroglyphs may be one of the oldest continually used sacred sites in the world. It provides a rare and profound experience for non-Indians seeking to understand American Indian culture and history.
~Tom Sanders, Windom, MN

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