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Winning Nomination

There is nothing that has had a greater impact on Minnesota. Immigrants claimed land from the native people of what is now known as America, and with it opened the future for what would become the United Sates of America and eventually Minnesota.

Past as well as present cannot escape the role immigrants continue to have on shaping Minnesota. Many fur traders, lumberjacks, and miners have come and gone, while laborers of all types now come here seeking those same opportunities and ultimately a better life. Now people arrive to gain a better education and access to great health care along with the tried and true of oh, so many freedoms for themselves, their children, and their children's children. Freedoms can mean a million things, from that of speech and religion to simple attributes such as self-expression and walking down the street without fear.

Immigrants have brought with them new ideas, an eagerness to succeed and cultural flair, all of which positively impact everything from small-town Minnesota to that of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
~Nathan J. Huerkamp, Minneapolis, MN

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