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Winning Nomination

Humphrey was one of America's truly transformational leaders. Enormously talented and inspired, he aroused our isolationist state to become fully involved and informed about the world. He was at the center of the great civil rights revolution--tragically delayed for 300 years--transforming America into what he described as the bright sunshine of human rights. He transformed the commitment of the federal government during the high tide of American social reform to enact a vast array of measures to protect our environment, enhance job safety and pension security, Medicare and Medicaid, federal aid to public education, higher educational student assistance, national arts and humanities foundations, the anti-poverty program, the national science foundations, the national institutes of health, and a wide range of other reforms.

Hubert's inspiration and genius transformed the public life of Minnesota and the nation. Hubert became the most influential and powerful political leader in our state's history.
~Walter Mondale, Minneapolis, MN

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