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Winning Nomination

Henry Sibley's personality, beliefs, intelligence, and ability were a great influence on what Minnesota became. It was the strength of his character that set the tone for how Minnesota would behave as a state--how we would treat those who lived here before us, what we should value in a politician, and what kind of expectations we should have for our citizenry. Sibley was an example of the kind of somewhat pragmatic but almost charismatic personality who was in the right place at the right time to bring a sense or order, righteousness, and permanence to a volatile community. In many ways he set the stage for Minnesota to produce personalities that are part outdoorsman, part statesman, part soldier, part preacher, part family man, part cad, part introvert, and part motivator. Although his actions have not produced anything close to an umblemished record in terms of fairness to any constituency, he remains an example of what Minnesota expects of its leaders.
~Lois Glewwe, South St. Paul, MN

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