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Winning Nomination

Bishop Henry Whipple was the first bishop of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. But that was not what made him famous. He was famous for his work with the Indians. He spent 40 years working with Indians all over the state. He earned their trust, respect, and the Indian name Straight Tongue. They called him that because he was always honest with them. He also played a big part in the U.S-Dakota War of 1862. He cared for the injured and comforted the people who had lost loved ones. Later that year, he went to President Lincoln to ask him to release over 300 Dakota Indians who had been falsely accused. Lincoln granted his request and the innocent Dakota were released. He built them schools, gave them money for food, and stood up for them when no one else would. He really cared about them and their state.
~Alyssa Wunderlich, Faribault, MN

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