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Winning Nomination

Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen transformed our state by providing quality, honest, and intelligent leadership. He transformed our country through his service as a serving line officer during World War II, as a candidate for U.S. President in 1948, and as an advisor to presidents from the time he was governor to his years with President Eisenhower. He transformed our world by being largely responsible for the creation of the United Nations and his long fight to make sure that there would be no Third World War. He interacted with all the great and terrible leaders of the world from 1938 - 1960, and many beyond that time. In the end he was a decent, honest, brilliant, capable, and dedicated public servant that typifies the best of Minnesota and Minnesotans!

I would like to add that I had the great pleasure and deep honor to have known and worked with Governor Stassen, from his 1986 endorsement for Congress to his death. I have a personal video interview with him from 1995 on the anniversary of the end of World War II. I have heard and have written about his many stories from the time he was a County Attorney to the end. He was the greatest man I have ever, or will ever, meet.
~Warren N. Anderson, Jr., St Paul, MN

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