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Winning Nomination

Hamilton H. Judson was the postmaster of the Farmington Post Office. In 1896 he was appointed by the federal government to attempt the Rural Free Delivery experiment to see if it was possible to expand a post office's duties by having mail delivered daily to farmers living outside of a community's corporation boundary. Farmington was the second community in the nation to attempt the Rural Free Delivery experiment. The Post Office proved that it could be done and post offices throughout Minnesota followed their excample. The federal government rewarded Farmington by having the Capitol-National Highway pass through its downtown. The highway became the Jefferson Memorial Highway and later State Highway No. 1, the backbone of the state's trunk highway system.

H.H. Judson was the youngest son of Roswell Judson, who was for many years secretary of the state agriculture society and has a street named after him at the Minnesota state fairgrounds.
~David Schreier, Eagan, MN

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