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Winning Nomination

Adolph Ronning was an inventor who made his impact in several areas by his early vision in mechanization. His field ensilage harvester reduced labor by 50% or more and eventually received universal acceptance by industry. In the construction industry, Adolph built and demonstrated at the Minnesota State Fair, about 1924, the Ronning Road Planer. This was the beginning of the power road grader used throughout the world. Adolph’s contribution to World War II efforts was also an improvement in mechanization. His wobble-stick control was used in the M46 General Patton tank, for which he received a citation for valuable contributions to the war effort—one of only 20 issued. These are only a few of his inventions—he had hundreds of patents issued to him—but these examples best demonstrate the impact his work had locally and on a national and world stage.
~Arnold Zempel, Montevideo, MN

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