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Winning Nomination

Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc (DMC) has helped to maintain and grow new Latino celebrations, traditions, and cultures in the state of Minnesota as well as the Midwest region. As the first Aztec Dance group in Minnesota, and the first traditional Aztec dance circle in the Midwest, DMC has brought the face of indigenous Mexico to the front of the Latino community. DMC started the first Dia de los Muertos community celebrations/remembrances in Minnesota. Its members have worked for more than ten years to incorporate Latino youth in all of their movements. DMC ensures that youth who want to participate are able to, by picking up youth for practices and events and paying for all of their necessary expenses to be a part of the group. DMC has been an open and accessible alternative for Twin Cities Latino youth and adults. The DMC youth recently successfully helped in organizing the Honor the Youth Run to bring awareness to Native American youth suicide and have been bridging and facilitating cooperation between young people of different cultures. The work DMC does in the region is truly tireless and its members are committed to making all Latino youth proud of the ancestry and who they are.
~Papalotl Almanza Lopez, St. Paul, MN

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