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Winning Nomination

Mr. Stan Potter changed the culture of sight-impaired Minnesotans. His idea to establish a radio station for the sight impaired was complete genius. The station was the first of its kind in the United States. Since its inception, over 160 stations worldwide have been established. These stations have followed the exact Minnesota model and format to establish stations that serve the physically challenged community. The daily newspaper and current bestsellers are two types of written words read on this station each day. The Radio Talking Book continues to provide programming 24 hours a day.

Stan belived that he could establish programs that would provide meaningful work for the disabled. Tin Cup Day broke his heart and he was determined to proactively cause its demise. Through his work with Minnesota State Services for the Blind he was successful.

This brief synopsis of Mr. Potter's contributions to Minnesota touches on only two of the never-ending gifts he gave to the disabled in Minnesota. Stan's vision and complete sense of selflessness changed the lives of the sight impaired and physically challenged culture.

Mr. Potter, deserves a place of honor in the Minnesota 150 exhibit.
~Cheryl Merrill, St. Paul, MN

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