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Winning Nomination

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) has had a lasting impact on the state's natural resources as well as on its political history. When the Wilderness Act of 1964 was created it still took 14 more years to create the Boundary Waters Act of 1978. During those 14 years, advocates of wilderness designation and those opposed battled relentlessly for their causes. Groups were formed and many national politicians became involved in the final creation of the BWCAW.

Today, the BWCAW is still a place where 250,000 people each year find solitude and peace. It is the largest protected wilderness east of the Rockies. It has also provided economic support for the thousands of people who live around it. Minnesota just wouldn't be the same without the one million acres of protected wilderness considered one of the crown jewels of the Forest Service's protected wilderness.
~Ryan Blaisdell, Lutsen, MN

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