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Winning Nomination

Betty Crocker could be argued to be one of the most influential women in Minnesota during the last 75 years. She was the voice of the American housewife and helped create an empire that is still a large part of the Minnesotan economy.

Created originally as an advertising ploy, Betty Crocker soon became the confidante and idol of women all over America. She provided advice on everything from how to satisfy your husband to how to make the perfect cake, using General Mills products, of course, to how to entertain your friends. When my parents got married at 19 and 21 years of age, the first gift my dad gave to my mom was a Betty Crocker cookbook. My mom still has the cookbook and still falls back on it for her favorite dishes. My dad would argue that Betty Crocker taught my mom how to cook. I have since found that exact cookbook at a thrift store and return to its pages to recreate the meals of my childhood, some of which are the best-tasting meals I have had.

To me, Betty Crocker symbolizes family. To Minnesota she was part of the driving force behind the building of an industry giant. It's hard to believe that she never really existed, in the flesh, that is. Betty Crocker was and is alive in households throughout Minnesota and the United States.
~Katherine Grafing, Minneapolis, MN

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