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Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice." -William Jennings Bryan BBC Radio Manchesters output to be culled under new proposals? nice pizza oven!! X ajajjajajajaj xd is ths sht real , should i pinch yuu , afta all the things we been thruu , i got yu (: Sigam > esse é Colorado de verdade! Tamo junto,sempre Inter! ;) top christmas day yesterday!!!

VOTEN por aquii : ": any chance of a shoutout gooners! trying to hit 4900." Everyone go follow Now! yap... Thanks... I'll try the other outlets as well... I'm suffering from "withdrawal symptoms"... U??? I send the longest text messages ever!! I'm sorry can't help it! , !!! *____* Photoset: and I'm not in panic at the disco anymore. and the young buy youtube views veins didn't work out. and climate change is a serious problem.

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