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Art Brut-Background

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985), a French painter and sculptor, invented the word Art Brut, which signifies 'Rough Art' or 'Raw Art.' 'Outsider Art' is the English synonym for Art Brut, devised by an art critic Roger Cardinal, in 1972. Jean was an avant-garde painter, who departed from the painting planet for 17 years, from 1925 to 1942. Upon Jean's return to painting, his focus and painting style had modified into one of the straightforward and prehistoric photos. He switched his focus towards art drawn by young children, the insane, and schizophrenics.

The Specifics

The term Art Brut is employed in a board sense. This creative Western Art form is beyond the boundaries and the guidelines of traditional or mainstream artistry. This art form is raw and pure. Art Brut artists have no influence of cultural complexities and art institutions. Their artwork is totally distinct and independent of the mainstream art type, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, and the other outdoor creations. In impact, artists with no formal instruction or Naive artists develop Outside Art and are categorized as a separate niche genre.

The major advantage of raw art is that it is ahead of the hierarchical and the historical horizons of mainstream art. It is desirable, attractive, and fascinating. These artists are original and have unconventional, progressive, and creative ideas, as they do not modify, alter, and mediate the special inventive expressions. These artists pick enigmatic subjects, and are least concerned about the great opinion of other individuals. In addition, Art Brut artists live and operate forthright. They do not even believe in keeping their work a secret.

The Correlations

Art Brut consists of nearly all the art forms, such as Folk Art, Tramp Art, and Primitive Art. In truth, Raw Art, Folk Art, Intuitive/Visionary Art, Marginal/Singuiler Art, Naive Art, Neue Invention, and Visionary Environments are interchangeable terms in Outsider Art.


Fame comes with sensible marketing and advertising, publicity, and a very good platform. Art Brut lacks all this, as the artists are generating issues for their personal, private pleasure. Therefore, art connoisseurs and art collectors have always been skeptical about raw art, due to its limitless scope. There is often a prevalent intrigue about the uniqueness and the worth of Art Burt. Art lovers are also left asking yourself with regards to the levels of creativity an untrained mind can have. Regardless of all these arguments and query marks raw art grew, and is extensively practiced today.

Art Brut Examples

There are many notable raw art or Outsider Artists, who have contributed towards this art form, such as Adolf Wolfli - a Swiss artist Nek Chand - an Indian, who attained high reputation for his sculpture garden referred to as 'Rock Garden' Ferdinand Cheval - a postal worker in Hauterives, was motivated by his dream, and spent around 33 years in constructing 'Palais Perfect.'


Raw art is the visual formation at its very best. It is an impulsive spiritual flow from brain to paper. In 1991, 'Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art' was formed in Chicago. The organization is committed to Art Brut. Its non-profit museum that helps the Outsider Artists analysis, exhibit, and promote their art. Henry Darger, Joseph Yoakum, Lee Godie, William Dawson, David Philpot, and Wesley Willis are some of the important Brut Artists related with Intuit.

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