5 Misconceptions About Men

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1. They all love sport The thrill of watching the ball hit the back of the net. The agony of seeing it loop down just below the boundary in the seconds before it’s caught. The tension as it creeps towards the bunker on a solitary mission to ruin your day. Sport is fantastic, but it’s not for everyone. Many women seem to think that men love sport, mainly because it’s part of the triumvirate of male stereotyping: beer, football and laziness. In reality, many men care more about how many bottles of red there are in the cupboard or for long walks than they do for sport. Like every hobby, some people love it, some people hate it, and many are indifferent.

2. They love curvy women Again, this is just a generalisation. Some men love curvy women, and their dream day would involve spending plenty of time with Busty Escorts, but they’re not the only type of man. Some men don’t like breasts, others consider them unimportant. Women may cherish an hourglass figure, but it’s not the only type that’s attractive. Sometimes there can just be too much and it can become a real turn off. The point is that it varies from guy to guy.

3. They don’t want to talk A fascinating stereotype, preserved in the media and in popular culture. Completely untrue though. Studies have shown that men feel just as emotional as women and talk just as much in any given time. The difference is that male culture encourages men to bottle up their emotions and hide from them, whereas female life practically demands that they be revealed to close friends. When a man doesn’t tell his friends what’s worrying him, nobody minds, if a women does it, her group take it as a personal insult. He has emotions and he wants to talk about them, he just feels like he can’t. Women that are looking to make a man ‘sensitive’ should stop wasting their time and start creating an environment in which he feels safe enough to be vulnerable.

4. Fashion is Alien to them In the ages of the ‘metrosexual’, men have never been so concerned with how they look and how they present themselves. There may be men who choose uninspiring outfits, but honestly its the fashion industry thats really to blame. Compare men’s clothing to women’s and it will quickly become apparent why males have such an issue being ‘fashionable’. Whilst women have a huge variety of outifts and combinations to wear, men have: jeans, smart trousers, casual trousers, shirts, tshirts, longsleeved shirts and jackets. That’s it. Women have more items in their hosiery box than men have in their entire fashion range...

5. They think about sex every 7 seconds Many women seem to think that men sit and dream of busty escorts and beguiling little minxes all day. In reality, the thought briefly touches their mind every hour or so, far less than the thoughts of food and sleep. In fact, they only think about it marginally more than women, and given man’s tendency to think of the physical this is hardly surprising. For more information visit Call Girls London

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