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MN150 List of Myotus

My list of Minnesota's notable illustrators and cartoonists. (This is in no particular order, just when each came into my head. These are people that have at one time resided in Minnesota. If you have any suggestions please make the suggestion on my Discussion page

  1. Charles Schultz
  2. Wanda Gag
  3. Alison Bechdel
  4. Steve Sack
  5. Rob Kirby
  6. Mary GrandPré
  7. Barbara Remington
  8. Ken Jacobsen
  9. Jerry Fearing
  10. Kirk Anderson
  11. Ward Sutton
  12. Chank
  13. Craig Macintosh
  14. Greg Howard
  15. Dick Guindon
  16. Pete Wagner
  17. Kevin Siers
  18. David Geister
  19. Dan Jurgens
  20. Matt Feazell
  21. Jon Lewis

Profile of Myotus

Real name: Joe Hoover

Occupation: Web Developer/Designer Minnesota Historical Society

Interests: Web design, Local history, Community organizing

Volunteer work: Board member: Richfield Historical Society
Member: Twin Cities History Forum

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