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There's a connection between unemployment and economic growth. There's a connection between inflation and growth. Therefore, commonsense (and financial theory) goes, there should be an association between inflation and . unemployment A unique measure of this link is the Non Accelerating Inflation Rate of ncjoblink. Allegedly, this is inflation does not be still influenced by the rate of unemployment which. If unemployment goes below ncjoblink, inflationary pressures start to apply themselves.

Seasonal and Part-time Employment through nc unemployment office - Some occupations are seasonal by their character (a resort in a resort hotel, for instance). These workers join the ranks of the unemployed at specific times and leave them seasonally. Other workers prefer to perform part time or in the "Grey" or "Black" market. They go unreported or record themselves as unemployed, thus muffling the real image of unemployment.

The frictional type of unemployment is a hint of economic health. It signifies a dynamic market in development. It is a sign of labour mobility, of labour flexibility (part ) and of flexitime time options and labour adaptability. This cannot be mentioned about the 2nd, more insidious, kind, the structural unemployment. It's this kind of joblessness which actually disturbs governments and problems social planners. It has long-term psychological and social effects and limitations both economic growth and interpersonal communication. It's also probably the most challenging to battle.

The problems belong to the management levels and, most importantly, to the political echelons. Unwilling to conform, eager to make a rapid (personal) dollar, entrenched in cosy offices and outdated ways of thinking, more interested in their incentives that in anything else, not educated in the new techniques of the marketplaces - they led themselves and their workers (=their voters) to the unemployment swamp. This regrettable problem was avoidable.

Moreover, Macedonia is in the rare and enviable place of lacking to worry about inflation or wage pressures. Even greater employment may not create wage pressures. Only the most skilled employees will possess the capability to dictate their own wages and, actually then, we're talking about absurd wages in American terms. There is so much opposition for every vacancy ("an employers' market") that the likelihood of challenging (and getting) higher wages (and, hence, creating inflationary pressures is all but non-existent). So NAIRU in terms is an abstract idea with no applicability. Every additional percentage of permanent work within the West entails 2 - 3 as much in economic (GDP) growth.. Macedonia has to grow by more and 10 % annually to lessen the degree of joblessness to 15 % in 5 years (taking additions to the work force into account). This is doable: Macedonia starts from such a low base that it might take little effort to realize this sort of growth (to include 300 million USD to the GDP annually=3 months exports at today's rate).

But this rate of unemployment can be achieved just with all the right policy choices about the state level - and the right management cadre to make use of these decisions and of the fascinating new views of the world wide market scene. It is here that ncjoblink is lacking - it is here that it should focus its efforts.

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