The how to chose a cell phone for seniors: America's Number One Issue

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Perhaps several decades into the future, some thing is likely to be written about this period of time suggesting accessibility features on cell phones were the start of the Truly Amazing Society Revolution. It probably all started a couple of years back when Ross Perot was running for President and several of our fellow Americans felt he could truly be an excellent president. aarp phone were the cause of this.

You see, it is my belief those people who voted for Ross Perot in fact were also heavy users of how to chose a cell phone for seniors. They would hold the phone to the right ear near the part of the brain that is responsible for rational thinking, ruining some of the brain cells involved in the process. This rendered these people helplessly and hopelessly without rationality. It is with this in mind, I could actually declare senior citizen cell phone plan as the no 1 problem with our society and it is becoming America's #1 Addiction problem. What has happened to us? Mobile phones are now apart of our life and several of us can perhaps not live without it. We are cell phone junkies. If you have ever lost your cell phone, you know very well the reason. You are lost. The phone however is OKAY.

aarp phone: A Social Disease

I was in a restaurant the other day, and a cell phone started to ring. Most of a sudden like timed robots everybody's hands went because of their purse, pocket or belt and immediately raised their cellular phone to answer the call. The others searched in a panic as they found out the amount one communication apparatus might be missing. Even more remarkable, most determined to answer their phone anyway even though it was perhaps not ringing. It was just like a poor lotto, where only one person won the prize. Most were disappointed to get the call wasn't theirs. One person did get the call, and all of the people in the restaurant applauded. "Congratulations they said, all shouting with glee, maybe next is likely to be me!

" Cell phones have distinct rings. Some mobile phones let the user to choose from 150 different opera sonatas composed by the great composers of our time, like Beethoven or Bach. Request those users to name one of them. They can perhaps not. As a matter of fact, when they choose one of these classic pieces as the 'Ring' sound, it is usually some thing they heard at one of the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Maybe that timeless from the "Rabbit of Seville".

Some even are practicing for the game show "Name that Tune". You know, that is where the contestants say they can name a tune in 6 notes and they play the six notes. If the contestant guesses the name of the tune, we now have a winner! So there you go, flipping through every one of the 150 tunes, never hearing the complete tune. It is like listening to a group tune up. With so many tunes to choose from exactly why is it a lot of people end up having the exact same melody? Why all of them answer the telephone at precisely the same time when the have been in a restaurant that is. Well, perhaps not precisely. Their phone is answered by some because they forgot which one they used as their ringing sound. So their phone is picked up by them just to be sure.

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