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Australia Day is celebrated on a yearly basis on the 26th of January. It's the official national day of Australia. The most important nationwide public holiday, Australia Day is observed throughout the nation. The day marks the appearance of the First Fleet in 1788 at Sydney Cove. The celebration of the day goes back to 1808. Australian of the Year Awards is offered on the Australian Day Eve. The day is also marked by the declaration of the Honours List for the Order of Australia and the Prime Minister and Governor-General also addresses the country. The day is observed in both small and big communities and includes concerts, community festivals and citizenship ceremonies.

Since 1988 this has been noticed that increasing numbers of people are taking interest in the Australia Day celebration. A lot of events are presented in communities all over the nation like festivals and fireworks, sports competition, community barbeques and outdoor concerts. The majority of the events are organized by the National Australia Day Council. In Sydney the harbour events performed on the Australia Day has grown to be very popular among people. Ferry race and tall ships race are among the main highlights of the event. Melbourne is best recognized for its multi-culturalism approach in the celebration of the Australia Day. The Perth Skyworks also have gained immense popularity in the recent years.

Citizenship ceremonies are regarded as a primary feature of the Australia Day. In 2011 over 300 citizenship ceremonies were organized on the day. Around 13,000 people originating from various parts of the planet took Australian citizenship on that day. Musical festivals are also an essential part of the Australia Day celebrations. Many of the most popular shows carried out are the Triple J Hottest 100, Australia Day Live Concert and Big Day Out. These are also televised nationally. To be able to draw the attention of the sports lovers every year an international cricket match is arranged on the Adelaide Oval ground. The matches organised involve both one day internationals as well as test matches.

There is absolutely no such set of rules that needs to be followed in the Australia Day celebrations. People can enjoy the day in their own individual way. Some people like to stay back at home and relax while others think it is exciting to party hard with friends. Official events like parades, fireworks, concerts and award ceremonies are also attended by people. Community barbeques, regattas, musical events, face painting and sausage sizzles are considered the most looked for local events organized on the special day.

People also visit pubs with their family and friends to enjoy the celebratory drinks. Pool parties are very popular among the people. One can also think of visiting the national museums or wear Aussie Colours that go well with the celebration. Colors of the Australian flag are included in the tattoos, face paints, clothes, sunbrellas and even jewellery.

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