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Minnesota Money: Minnesota Top 32 Notes

To MHS Administrators:

I published a book two years ago with the help of the MHS entitled A History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Notes & Scrip. It's about money issued by Minnesota banks, merchants, municipalities, etc. I thought it would be fun in conjunction with Minnesota 150 to let the public vote on the most interesting Minnesota notes. I have a collection of images that I used in the book, some of which are from the MHS and used with permission. I would like to know if you would extend the rights of those images (13 in all) to this project. This project is not for profit.

I think the public would enjoy seeing a Santa Claus note or authentic $3 bills from the days of early statehood. This is my small contribution to the Minnesota 150 project.

Please have a look at my web page for this project, I would be pleased if you would set up a link from your site. Or, if you think it would be better to integrate into your site, I would be willing to give you the images and data from my book.

Thanks for your consideration.

-Shawn Hewitt

Author, A History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes & Scrip.

Babbitt, Minnesota

As a direct descendant of Kurnel Rufus Babbitt, the mining attorney that Babbitt, MN was named for (I'm his great grandson), I've always wondered what the name of the town was before they renamed it 'Babbitt'. Any ideas of where I can find this out. I have visited Babbitt and looked around but was not there long enough to do too much research. The story as i understand it was that he worked for a law firm in New York that did mining law and he got involved in helping to essentially "save" the town and the people were so grateful they renamed the town after him. Thanks for whatever information you can give me. Christopher C. Babbitt

Babbitt, MN

Wow--it's not often we hear from someone with such a direct connection to one of our town's names--great story! I don't have much to add to what you already know--Judge Kernal Babbitt was in fact general counsel for and director of several mining companies; thus he had a direct connection to northern Minnesota mines and mining.

According to Edward W. Davis, who was instrumental in developing taconite extraction processes, the town of Babbitt was founded in 1920, and was originally to be called Argo, "suggesting the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece." But when the postal service objected because there was already a town named Argo in Minnesota's Winona County, the name "Babbitt" was chosen instead. As you no doubt know, Judge Babbitt had passed away in February of 1920, and so, according to Davis, the town was named in his honor.

Davis's memories are collected in "Pioneering Taconite," Minnesota History 34 (Autumn 1955). You might also want to check out this website: Thanks for writing, and if you find out anything more, please let us know--

Kate Roberts, Senior Exhibit Developer, MHS

Shoreham Yards Steam-powered Generator

In 1982, a steam-powered generator from the Shoreham Yards came to the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion show grounds in Rollag, Minnesota. Presently that engine is being restored and hopefully will be running within the next three years. As the historian for this project, I am searching for information about this engine. This engine is a Buckeye compound steam engine. It is a cross compound and not a tandem engine. The generator may be a Westinghouse. We are not sure yet if it is AC or DC. According to the information we have received, two or three of these engines powered the Shoreham Yards. Possibly the engine on which we are now working is the only one remaining.

Presently I am putting together a history of this engine, part of which I would like to display at our show over Labor Day weekend. I would appreciate any information or leads which I may pursue about this engine.

Shari Nelson

prince rogers nelson

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