Storage Auction Lists 101 - How Can Storage Auctions Work?

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Attending find out about storage auctions may be a lot of enjoyment and a great social experience. Here is how it usually works : Storage facilities advertise their public sale in a paper of general circulation to fulfill their legal requirements and to attract buyers to their occasion. These notices will contain the time, date and location of the event, the name of the tenant, and a simple description of the contents of the unit being sold.

Once the auctioneer or facility manager has confirmed that the legal paperwork is correct and that the time posted in the public notice has now arrived, the auction begins. Upon arriving at the first unit, the auctioneer can give a small speech about the conditions and terms of the deal. The auctioneer will then instruct you that the machine will sell to the best bidder for cash, although some facilities do take credit cards. Listen attentively, because some auctions add a buyer's premium. You is likely to be asked to pay sales tax on every unit you buy unless you have a sales tax use license. Often, if the auctioneer will not understand you well, you is going to be asked to pay a $50 to $100 remove deposit which is refundable after the contents have now been entirely removed. You will be buying everything in the machine, unless specified otherwise. You will normally have 48 hours to eliminate the property and broom sweep the system. You cannot leave such a thing behind and you can not make use of the storage facility's dumpster to get rid of the things you usually do not need.

It is quite exciting if the door compared to that storage unit rolls up and you finally get yourself to be able to see what exactly is inside. The auctioneer will normally ask everyone to create a line and when everyone has already established a chance to view the contents, the bidding process will start. It is sometimes easy to share with how good the unit is based on the rate the line is moving at.

Once the bidding process begins, the unit will sell to the highest cash bidder. From the time the new storage shows have premiered, there has been a great deal of individuals "bidding up units". This is when others by choice raise the price of the system hoping the customer will lose money and give up. In my own view, that is poor etiquette. We all have been here to make money. If you are not thinking about the unit, usually do not bid on it, most of us end up enduring in the future.

If you would be the fortunate winner, you will follow the auctioneer in to the manager's office to pay for the unit you bought. Make sure you get yourself a receipt in the event any disputes arise. Once you get that receipt, the home in that unit is legally yours. Now the excavation begins. This is the best part since it is sort of like Christmas; you get to open up a group of boxes and you have no idea what is within them.

If you are new buyer, I would encourage you to think about how you are planning to move & sell your goods before a unit is purchased by you. Some units contain heavy items like appliances or furniture; do you have those who might help you move these products? Unless you have a truck or trailer, U - Haul could be the smallest amount of costly truck rental company; although, based on mileage, the costs can really add up rapidly. All of the professionals have thrift stores, booths at flea markets, substantial garage sales or net based organizations to resell their merchandise. Garage sales are a fast way to sell your merchandise; although, many property owner associations have strict rules on how many garage sales you can have every year. If you plan to have garage sales regularly, you may need to think about finding a commercial place on weekends. For all those of you who are now living in the more Houston & surrounding areas, Traders Village might be an excellent choice. Sites like e-bay & Craigslist can be excellent outlets for new buyers as well.

What exactly is the very best source for storage auction information the greater Houston region?

Do to the popularity of the new storage auction shows on television, there has been a flood of new buyers attending free storage auction lists in the Houston region. There is a well known business newspaper in Houston which publishes public notices, but it advertises to the masses. This really is an ok supply of information if attending auctions weren't minded by you with over a hundred people there. Also, because they only advertise their customer's auctions, they fail over half of all storage facilities in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

To find out more about storage auctions, please visit

I urge Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News; it really is the only real web site that is local and covers 100% of all storage auctions happening in the more Houston and surrounding areas. No other site covers a lot more than half. What makes this information source really distinct is that it lists all of the difficult to get auctions that are advertised in smaller local papers. An average of, the storage facilities that advertise in smaller local newspapers would not have a lot of people attending their event and it increases your odds of buying a quality storage unit at a great price where there was less competition.

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