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One of the most important GLBT activists in United States history, Steve Endean grew up in the Midwest and attended the University of Minnesota as a political science major.

Steve Endean founded Minnesota's first gay and lesbian political group, the Gay Rights Legislative Committee, in 1971. He became the state's first gay and lesbian rights lobbyist, working on historic measures such as the Twin Cities gay rights ordinances and Minnesota's state-wide non-discrimination bill, which passed a few months before Endean's death in 1993.

He became the nation's first federal gay rights lobbyist in 1978 and two years later founded the Human Rights Campaign Fund, now the Human Rights Campaign, America's largest GBLT political organization. Considered a visionary by all who knew him, he stirred controversy within and outside gay politics in his conviction that mainstreaming the movement was the way for GLBT Americans to achieve equality.
~Scott Dibble, St. Paul, MN




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