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The Falls tell the story of Minnesota that people from every spot in the state can relate to. The Native Americans who lived in the area, the importance of water to industry and recreation, the bridges, the railroad, the mills. Even now it still reflects life in Minnesota - just by examining what's on the shores. From the experiments being conducted at the U.S. St. Anthony Falls the new Guthrie on the river..the examination of the old mills. It's the finest mixture of the old and new, and tells the story of how we grew. It's the most beautiful and sacred spot in the State.
~Jeannie Schwartz, Golden Valley, MN

If St. Anthony Falls hadn't been stabilized, it would have deteriorated to the point where Minneapolis lumber and flour milling industries would have collapsed, or not grown so large. The whole economic direction of the state would have been very different.
~Wayne Marsh, Minneapolis, MN

St. Anthony Falls has been important in Minnesota because it helped created the Minneapolis industry. Minneapolis is placed where it is because of St. Anthony Falls' location.
~Mykella Auld, Brooklyn Center, MN

Without St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis and Minnesota, and arguably the Upper Midwest, may not have developed as it did. The Falls drove commerce: the grain industry attracting development, first the little town of St. Anthony, and later MPLS, and of course people.
~John Gisselquist, Roseville, MN




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