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whoa! let's not start saying that poo again I can hear you lol you be saying it then start laughing lol Jason Richardson told the Jungle his plan for Dwight rumors: "let's win as many games as possible & try to keep him. Snikers an pepsi , ahhh . . . Great combo. We all knew Ric Bucher has been hitting the crack pipe lately but ! Suggesting to trade Kobe -__-

That's how the Serie A table looks like considering the last 6 matches (form). Inter lol sounds like it works then oh.... and thanks -_- You are kind. I'll take the robot compliment any day. We do really care for our members which is why bugs always kill me. The magic moment when you're missing someone and finally have them back. priceless

3 meses San Antonio Interior Design *----------* euteamo DEL OVNI .. torrinco! Iquique there is no I in team but there is in king. FOLLOW ME ON LE TUMBLR não to falando de você rs thank you :) Photo: practicing PLEDGE REmessage love is wrong with his 6-5 walking round in 9th grade wearing that thing looking STOOP Frothing a coffee with me boy yeww!

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