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jahmir said he gonna beat me up & make me paralyzed :\ lmao same place but 400 million poorer. My current girl crush.. Well I've never had one before so she's my first. Twirly Newgirl !!!!! wow I'm getting people on tumblr asking me to killl myself? classypeople Jesus Montero has great power to right center. He likely will hit fifth and be the primary DH. He might catch about 40 games

I'm so twitchy! Best Startup Video Ever--- If you're looking for things to do today, be sure to check out the main site : Cansado pra caralho :/ If you know . then khalas ICRC fe gebak! thank you beautiful ccc this is a song for u : don't wanna 5urt nobody. We bought a zoo ( MBO Cineplex w/ 14 others ... IMY Moree.. & I plush dog toys for aggressive chewers Was Up Dere Today Too! "Love is overrated"...my response...maybe

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