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== History ==
== History ==
Vroom! Wow! Look at how fast I'm going! I sure am glad I attached these wheels to my shoes!
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Zoom! Right down the hill! Yes!
...oh, god. Turn... TURN!
== Resource Links ==
== Resource Links ==

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Other Nominations

Founder of Rollerblade, Inc. Innovator of in-line skates which boomed into a recreational and fitness craze world wide.
~Steve Kiner, Rochester, MN

Roller blades are an easy way of transportation. They are cost efficient, since we now have to choose between buying gas for cars or buying food. It's a nice form of exercise and can be used for summer practice for speed skating. Roller blades can be found and used throughout the world.
~Chelsea Novodvorsky, Minneapolis, MN

Guy who invented the rollerblades. His skates got people exercising who might never have tried.
~J. L. Stewart




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