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Pure Nightclub Las Vegas is Pure Las Vegas. This club housed in Cesars Palace offers amazing views of the Las Vegas strip. This is an entertainment mecca within an entertainment mecca. It offers 4 separate venues an amazing glass elevator that in and of itself is a separate sensory experience.

This club is a treat for all your senses. It is over 40 thousand square feet with a terrace that looks out over the Vegas strip. Pure is named the number one club in the country by the E Entertainment Group with good reason.

The Las Vegas Feel

People travel to Vegas because they want to experience the opulence that Vegas offers, Pure is Vegas! If you want to get a feel of what Vegas is supposed to be than you have to hang out at Pure for the night. This award winning club will help you to make memories you never thought possible.

From the minute you step in the door you will know that you are about to experience something you have never experienced before. This club is billed as the “night time destination spot in Vegas” and it does not disappoint.

Named as Best of Las Vegas 2012 by Readers Pick this club offers everything you could want in a nighttime adventure. Pure Nightclub Las Vegas is the go to place for an amazing Vegas feel!

The Hidden Terrace

Sneak up to the Hidden Terrace and see Vegas like you have never seen it before. You will have views that will take your breath away of the Vegas strip. This 14 thousand square foot area offers views of the strip and all of Vegas that you will not find anywhere else.

The Hidden Terrace is only one of the treats you will find at this night club.

Ride the Glass Elevator

You can take a ride on the German engineered glass elevator to get to the roof top, the ride itself is enough reason to make sure you make a stop at Pure.

Things You Should Know

There is a dress code and you can be turned away if you are not up to par. The dress code is simple! Casual Chic. That means wear your best club clothes and leave the athletic wear at home. No one will be permitted in with athletic wear on.

The dress code is at the managements discretion so you can be turned away if you are dressed inappropriately. So dress it up before you head out.

There is a cover charge at the door, it varies so call ahead. There are a lot of specials that occur regularly so that you may get lucky and you may head there on the right night and save some money. There are constant special events being hosted so you absolutely should call before heading out.

It Stays in Vegas

The best part about clubbing at the Pure Nightclub is that every thing that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so you can let your hair down and have a great uninhibited time!

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