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ps3 jailbreak - It is an excellent technique to use if your games console is damaged, since it is very easy and simple to do and can fix the PS3. PS3 reset- How To one) Put the PS3 in life function. That's when it shows the reddish light. 2) Press and hold the power switch on the games console for 5 seconds until you hear 2 beeps 3) Turn on your PS3, if you do not feel the problem again. Most likely the PS3 reset fixed the games console. Note:This should not influence your drive data (game saves, videos, audio, etc), it simply affects the games console's settings. You have a far more serious trouble if the PS3 reset doesn't work then. Attempt the issues below: 1) Research the problem more- Perhaps there is another quite easy fix for it. I have composed some other articles on special PS3 problems and some simple fixes for them. You can check them away by pressing on the Post Source link in the base of the write-up. 2) Deliver your ps3 jailbreak to Sony - - This initially appears like an excellent idea right? The creator will fix the PS3 and they will give a three month warranty to you on it. Well it's advisable if your PS3 is nevertheless under warranty. For those individuals who are unlucky enough to have a difficulty with their games console after their warranty has expired may have to spend $150 to Sony. That is quite expensive; in fact it is half the price of a new slim! You also will need to wait 4-6 weeks to get your PS3...or get a refurbished unit rather. And if after a lengthy wait you do get your PS3 back, you'll notice that your saves, music and movies have disappeared. Sony wipes the hard disk clean! 3) Fix the PS3 yourself- Today you are probably yelling at the display "But I have got no experience with electronic equipment. How do I do this?" Well whatever you need to mend the PS3 yourself is a good PS3 repair guide. Several good guides cost under $50 and comprise: - Step by step guidelines with images and movies so that you can realize what you have to do - Some type of help so that you can ask for assistance if you get caught - Money back guarantee so if it doesn't work you can get your money back. - ps3 jailbreak 4.31

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