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ps3 jailbreak - It is a good method to test if your games console is broken, because it is simple and very easy to do and may fix the PS3. PS3 reset- How To one) Set the PS3 in standby function. That is when it displays the red light. 2) Press and hold the power option on the console for 5 seconds until you hear 2 beeps 3) Turn on your PS3, if you don't feel the problem again. Most likely the PS3 reset fixed the games console. Note:This should not influence your hard disk data (game saves, videos, songs, etc), it just influences the console's settings. If the PS3 reset does not work you might have an even much more serious trouble. Try the things below: 1) Research the problem more- Perhaps there was another very easy fix for this. I have composed some other articles on special PS3 problems and some easy fixes for them. You can check them away by pressing on the Post Source link in the base of the write-up. 2) Send your ps3 jailbreak download to Sony - - This initially seems like an excellent idea right? The inventor will mend the PS3 and they will provide a 3 month warranty to you on it. If your PS3 is still under guarantee well it is a good idea. For those people that are unlucky enough to have a problem with their console after their guarantee has expired will have to spend $150 to Sony. That is rather expensive; in fact it is half the cost of a new slender! Also you will have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your PS3...or get a renovated unit rather. And if after an extended wait you do get your PS3 back, you'll see that your saves, audio and movies have disappeared. Sony wipes the hard disk clean! 3) Resolve the PS3 yourself- Now you are probably shouting at the screen "But I have got no encounter with electronic equipment. How do I do this?" Well whatever you need to mend the PS3 yourself is a good PS3 repair guide. Many great manuals cost under $50 and feature: - Detailed instructions with pictures and movies so that you may realize what you have to accomplish - Some kind of help so that you can ask for assistance if you get caught - Money back ensure so if it doesn't work you can get your money back. - ps3 jailbreak download

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