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Orrin Thompson built houses for people who were looking for homes during the Great Depression. Thompson said, "If it wasn't for the Great Depression I would have become a farm boy." He had a simple plan to make affordable and plentiful homes. Thompson built dozens of houses in a matter of months. He lived in Barret, in western Minnesota.
~Reyna Martinez, Minneapolis, MN

Orrin Thompson was born in Barret, Minnesota on his family farm. He was planning on being a farmer but then the stock market crashed so there was a change of plan. During World War II he became an electrician, but after the war he saw an opportunity to build new suburban homes for the veterans returning home. His house-building company built new homes in the outskirts of the Twin Cities in places like Apple Valley, Coon Rapids, Cottage Grove. Soon his company became the largest building company in Minnesota.
~Cody Davis, Minneapolis, MN




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