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Runner-up Nominations

Minnesota farmers captured windpower to pump water and charge batteries for farm use on family farmsteads. Icons of the family farm, they, along with the small self-sustaining family farm, have been disappearing from the landscape. Not from the Public Spaces of the Minnesota History Center, however today Minnesota is one of the leaders in the new generation of wind power and its technology, changing not only the way we generate electrical power, but also how we view the rural landscape. Buffalo Ridge in Southwestern Minnesota, one of the most pervasively windy areas in the US has been transformed in recent years, from a prairie and agricultural landscape to one connected to the nation's electrical grid, with huge, towering, bladed, ghostly, kinetic generators for as far as the eye can see. Like it or it is a change rooted in the past and taking us far into the future.
~John Lindell, Minneapolis, MN

Windpower in large form arrived in 1994, it put Southwest Minnesota and the State of Minnesota on the map as a State enriched by renewable energy and a leader in the growth and development of alternative energies. Today Minnesota continues to advance the development in renewable energy and oil alternatives.
~Heather Ulrich-Glynn, Lake Benton, MN

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