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Runner-up Nominations

The Lost 40 is the last remaining remnant of what our great state looked like before the mass harvest of the great white pines. In the spirit of progress and industry, much was done without long range thinking as to its effect on the environment. This a poignant reminder of what can happen with such careless thinking and acting in the name of making money.
~Kevin Wassenaar, Prinsburg, MN

Environmental Impacts of Logging The clear-cut method of logging in 1900s changed: The Landscape--Northern Minnesota lost most of its old growth, area was succeeded by aspen and hardwoods; Fauna--Vegetation change led to habitat change when the aspen forests grew, which also completly changed the undergrowth. More deer!.
~Laell Schultz, Coleraine, MN

Forests and everything green Even moving here from Michigan there are so many shades of green everywhere. We love it here.
~Sherrie Jones, Mound, MN

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