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Runner-up Nominations

Coached by Minnesotan Herb Brooks and twelve Minnesota college players on the team. It was the greatest underdog sports story of the late 20th century and is still talked about today.
~Cheri Thies

Half of the roster for the 1980 hockey team were Minnesotans, and even the coach was a Minnesota man himself. This is truly one of Minnesota's greatest attributes and will be remembered by the whole nation. This achievement personified Minnesotan life and earned us a characteristic that many think of when they think Minnesota.
~Dan Wiley

Herb Brooks As the coach of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team. It became the sporting event of the century. Born and raised in Minnesota he also led the U of M Hockey team to become National Champions. We should be very proud of this Minnesotan and should include him in the Minnesota 150.
~Zora Burnham, Shoreview, MN

Herb Brooks Coached the Dream Team in the Olympics. Many of the team were Minnesotans, also. Went on to coach many other famous hockey teams. A true Minnesotan, Saint Paulite and Johnson graduate.
~Judy Purcell, Saint Paul, MN

Gold Medal, hockey, 1980 Olympics with key win in semis over the Soviet Union.
~Dick Warren, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota's contribution to the 1980 USA Hockey team was huge! Coach Herb Brooks and many homegrown players made a deep impact on the historic gold medal team at the Lake Placid Olympics. As a little boy watching this team, I only needed to look as far as the next town to see young men from Minnesota having a chance to represent our country on an international stage. The seemingly invincible hockey team from the Soviet Union was defeated, but instead of using professional players Coach Brooks chose to use an unlikely group of college players. This was especially timely to our country as we were in dire need of an event like this to help unify our nation. In the midst of a recession, still reeling from Watergate and Vietnam and the uncertainty of the political climate, this event acted to pull together many factions to stand behind this wonderful team. I don't mean to sound like some cheesy sports analogy but these Minnesotans are heroes to me not because of their skates and sticks but because of their heart!
~Jim Nelson, Minneapolis, MN

Herb Brooks True dreamer who achieved his dream. Do you believe in miracles?
~Debra Kuehl, New Brighton, MN

Believe in miracles.
~Minnesota Four BJCY, Oakdale, MN

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