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Runner-up Nominations

It made the suburbs grow and without it we would have no Mall of America, which would be a huge loss to the state.
~Andrew Bornhoft, minneapolis, MN

I add my vote for Southdale Mall, the world's first indoor shopping mall that will celebrate 50 years October 2006. The Edina Historical Society receives research requests from people all over the country about Southdale, which changed the face of retail forever. Not only has it changed business, but it has affected public space and planning, teen culture, pop culture and more.
~Marci Matson, Edina, MN

Southdale, as the first enclosed, weather-controlled mall, has changed the way people shop worldwide. In most locales, the mall has replaced downtown as the major place to shop.
~Hugh Gitlin, St. Paul, MN

For better or worse, the opening of the nation's first enclosed shopping mall in Edina had a profound impact on the way Minnesotans shopped and spent their leisure hours. Shopping as a recreational activity could be conducted in the comfort of a controlled climate, away from the extremes and unpredictability of Minnesota weather. The sculptures, the plants, the fishpond all contributed to the atmosphere. My mother has told me how she made a special trip from our house in West St. Paul to visit Southdale soon after it opened, bringing along her mother who was visiting from Arkansas. It must have been quite an attraction!
~Meg Ubel, St.Paul, MN

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