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Runner-up Nominations

They provide the only way non-Minnesotans can conceive of life in the frozen north. The downtown population could work, eat, shop and socialize regardless of the weather. Many cities copied this pedestrian wonder but we were the originators.
~Ronald Ricci, Bloomington, MN

I never realized how amazing and iconic the Minneapolis skyways were until I moved away for school. They serve as both a reminder of cold and snow that are truly part of living in Minnesota and also the ingenuity, creativity and interconnectedness of thriving dowtnown Minneapolis. Both functional and aesthetic, they are largely unique to the largest city of the great state of Minnesota.
~Jon Hoffman, Athens, GA

The Minneapolis skyway is what many Minnesotans would call a lifesaver especially on those FREEZING winter days. The skyway system connects 52 blocks, almost 5 miles of downtown and it makes it possible for people to live, eat, work and shop without having to deal with the harshness and extremes of Minnesota's weather.
~Thomas J Rosengren, Belgrade, MN

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