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Runner-up Nominations

First American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Born in Sauk Centre. Main Street.
~Margaret Sullivan, Stony Brook, NY

Sinclair Lewis not only put Gopher Prairie on the map but the whole Midwestern culture. He writes of the prejudices, poverty and struggles of a country trying to grow up using the phrases of the time. He won both the Pulitzer and Nobel prize for literature.
~Gayle Watland, Maplewood, MN

A Sauk Centre native, was the first American author to receive the Nobel prize for Literature. He had written a series of novels, including Main Street, Babbitt, Elmer Gantry, and others, 24 in all. He changed American literature for all time, with his photographic style of description, and his chosen social issue topics.
~Roberta Olson, Sauk Centre, MN

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