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Runner-up Nominations

Supercomputers Invented by Seymour Cray when he was with Control Data. At one time, Minnesota was the computer capitol of the world with Honeywell Information Systems, Univac, Control Data, all in Minneapolis. It all started in Minnesota with a company called ERA, Engineering Research Associates, that did military computer work during WWII.
~Dan Backman, Minneapolis, MN

Information/Computer Technology

1. MN played a key role in developing the very first computers beginning in the mid-1940s and continuing through the 1980s.

2. From the 1980s to the present, there have been many MN companies who are spin- offs from the original companies.

3. It's hard to imagine not having computer technology in our businesses, homes and schools.
~Mary Hoeve, Bloomington, MN

Computer Industry: The many computer companies in Minnesota transformed our nation. IBM, Univac, Control Data, Honeywell and all the other smaller players were instrumental in advancing the technology of computers.
~Ray Diekrager, Maplewood, MN

Obviously, we are now in the so-called computer age. So what did Minnesota contribute? Only the first commercially produced computers in the country. Obviously worthy of inclusion in the elite 150.

A group of former Navy men got together after WWII and started the Engineering Research Associates (ERA) located in the Twin Cities.

They developed a machine with a powerful magnetic drum, the earliest such storage device. Information was registered on tracks in a metal cylinder. The heads both registered information and recovered data.

The U.S. Navy was the first to use this efficient and, for its time, speedy machine. Not the first computer ever, but an important development worthy of being remembered in an exhibit.
~Steve Trimble, St. Paul, MN

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