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Runner-up Nominations

This amazing gentleman was not only instrumental in the ascent of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine to its present status as world leader, but founded Medtronic which brings life-saving technology to us all.
~Marc Berg, Tucson, AZ

Dr. Wangensteen was a surgeon, professor and researcher at the University of Minnesota Medical School and Hospitals. He was a pioneer in researching and teaching new surgery methods, such as the Wangensteen suction tube used during abdominal surgery. During his time as chief of surgery,the University of Minnesota's Surgery Department was a leader in the development of open-heart surgery in the 1950s. Two of his students Dr. Christian Barnard and Dr. Norman Shumway went on to perform heart transplants. He was also noted for cancer surgery and started an early-detection research program to search for ways of finding cancer early when surgery could be more successful.

Dr. Wangensteen, 1898-1981, received many honors and awards in America and Europe. I think that he definitely would qualify as an influential force in Minnesota history: an innovative surgeon, researcher and teacher.
~Joanne Johnsrud, Albert Lea, MN

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