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Runner-up Nominations

It is the Great Minnesota Get-Together. There is a lot of tradition applied to it. I have only been a regular for a few years, but I hear stories from my parents and grandparents, and that makes it a family tradition. The State Fair has so much history in itself that little parts of it are nominated, but we cannot forget the whole that made those little events possible.
~Heidi Kloempken, Minneapolis, MN

Where else can you get so many items on a stick?! Or so many unconventional deep-fried foods -- corn, Twinkies, candy bars, mac and cheese? The State Fair is the great Minnesota Get-Together. It gives students, artists, bands, and companies a great way to get their accomplishments or products out to people within the state. Many people can't wait for the Fair -- they work it, they enter food, cattle, crafts, etc, or they visit for the fun and the food. And there are many that hate the Fair and make those two weeks their vacation to get away from it all. I could not imagine August and September in Minnesota without the Fair!
~Jessica Hill, Columbia Heights, MN

After over 100 years it is still one of the largest in the US. It was an agricultural fair and has evolved into a state fair for all. Race track came and went. Has a history center. They are taking pictures to make a book. It has a board of directors--all volunteer. Showcases a lot about Minnesota--agriculture, education, fine arts, technology, etc. County fairs could also be included.
~Jim Kemp, Minneapolis, MN

This is my favorite thing in the entire state. This event is in very fabric of who we are in Minnesota. In my opinion there is no other event in the state that brings us together in such mass quantities as the State Fair. It truly is the great Minnesota get-together. The fair is always my endcap to summer and if I ever move out of state I will still come home to attend the State Fair. I could not imagine Minnesota without the Minnesota State Fair.
~Brittany Monson, Minneapolis, MN

The Minnesota State Fair: Our Minnesota State Fair brings people from all around this great state together for 10 days every year to share their talents and unique expertise.
~Teresa Dushek, Richfield, MN

The State Fair was here before Minnesota was a state so certainly should be recognized.
~Carol Kelsey, St. Paul, MN

Compilation of everything that is good about Minnesota.
~Larry Haugen, Moorhead, MN

The State Fair is a tradition among Minnesotans. The State Fair brings together people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. We are all different, but all united by our love of the fair.
~Jimmy Kustritz, St. Cloud, MN

By being part of a yearly tradition, the Minnesota State Fair has been a point of stability for people in an ever-changing world.
~Mary Lombardo, Osseo, WI

I look forward to it every year; it brings Minnesota together each year.
~Dennis Fletcher, No. St. Paul, MN

We look forward to it every year and it brings thousands of people together each year to celebrate our state.
~Jean M. Sandberg, Blaine, MN

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the things that seems to bring all Minnesotans together. While the reasons for attending vary from the food to the cows, everyone can find something to enjoy. As you walk around the fair, you see all ages, races and cultures. People from the urban and the rural areas mingle at the cheese curd booth. It is truly the Great Minnesota Get-Together and Minnesota wouldn't be the same without it.
~Vicki Carlson, Minneapolis, MN

Most important get-together in Minnesota.
~Toni Kellner, Andover, MN

Our state fair is the best state fair in all the country!
~Randy Johnson

It's one of the few money makers as far as state fairs go. The grounds are just beautiful. And the entertainment fun and exciting.
~Charlene Nordquist, Barron, WI

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the most exciting times of the year. But what would The State Fair be without hotdish on a stick, alligator on a stick and the many others.
~Morgan Benimon, New Hope, MN helped because it was a great place to make money!

Princess Butter Busts An icon of the Minnesota State Fair, this symbol expresses the best of what Minnesota stands for: Beauty, Hard Work, and a Quirky Individuality which our citizens share with no other state.
~Denise Sergent, Minneapolis, MN

Cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair: They are legendary. It's a part of the recent history that makes us who we are. They also help us remember our friendly neighbors to the east, Wisconsin.
~Bonnie Vagasky

The Minnesota State Fair is literally one of the best Minnesota-Get-Togethers out there. It is the one celebration where people from all over the state gather to learn, eat and be entertained. Growing up in southern Minnesota on a farm I always looked forward to the State Fair. Not only for the typical 4-H aspect of it but also the ambiance that it adds. Never will you see so many people of different shapes, backgrounds, income levels and so forth meet in Minnesota unless you take that step onto Dan Patch Ave. and gaze at what we hail as the Minnesota State Fair.
~Cassandra Kuball

I think the fair has always been a major part of what Minnesota is. People come from all over to go to the fair. The event is best summed up as it is ... The Great Minnesota Get-Together!
~Jennie Mounts, Inver Grove Heights, MN

The Minnesota State Fair is a wonderful tradition, bringing together friends and family for a day of treats on a stick, animals in a barn, rides, exhibits and more. I am originally from Malaysia and moved to Minnesota as a university transfer student. Of course, back home, we don't have anything close to the State Fair. After graduating, I chose to stay on in Minnesota and one of the reasons I picked this state is because all of its residents truly appreciate the summertime weather and enjoy packing it full to the brim with activities such as the State Fair. I'm proud to say that I live in a state with fun and exciting events.
~Karen Hanson, Plymouth, MN

It has a lot of food and free prizes. Everyone likes it very much!
~Jordan Kowitz, Blaine, MN

Life just would not be the same without it. It's the last time time kids get to hang out before school starts. New food, Fun 'n Games ... come-on it's the great Minnesota Get-Together, isn't it?
~Daniel, Edina, MN

The Fair has been a big part of Minnesota since the late 1800s. It has changed in itself and other people. People from other states even come to the Amazing Minnesota State Fair.
~John Wiehe, Roseville, MN

4-H building at the MN State Fair The 4-H building has made an impact on thousands of youth who have stayed in the building throughout the State Fair years. They have forever been changed by the experience of staying at the Fair and getting their projects judged. The 4-H building is even like home for some of the youth who have been there, because they spent so much of their time there. You can meet so many amazing lifelong friends and have many life-changing experiences in that building. It is my favorite place at the Fair!
~Laurel, Roseville, MN

For decades the Minnesota State Fair has brought Minnesotans together to share our state's wonderful resources. We share food , fun, laughter and we also celebrate the end of summer and the reminder of winter being right around the corner.
~Megan McCarthy, Forest Lake, MN

It's a great celebration of Minnesota and Minnesotans! And the Fair has many years of history, too.
~Linda Kolstad, Bedford, TX

I know people who have moved to other parts of the world and still come back to go to the State Fair.
~Larry Jackson, Inver Grove Heights, MN

I believe that the Minnesota State Fair is the melting pot for everything Minnesota. It brings all types of our wonderful people and events together in one place. It is also the celebration of the end of summer which we wait a long time for and the beginning of autumn which we all love.
~Joyce McPherson, Plymouth, MN

I am the oldest of a family of 7 girls, ranging in ages from 56 to 41 years. We started going to the Fair in 1950 and never missed a year, even when my mother was pregnant. For me, it is the tremendous memories - the double blue stroller, egg salad sandwiches, green grapes, chocolate chip cookies and all the free milk that you could drink at the milk booth. It was also the animal barns, carousel and the ride through the Old Mill.
~Theresa Utecht, Apple Valley, MN

I'm from St. Paul - Highland Park. As a child I remember the traffic backed up to Snelling and Jefferson. Everything that is Minnesota comes to the fair: art, business, fun, etc.
~Dave Mueller, New Brighton, MN

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Only time you can have cheese curds for breakfast. Unsurpassed entertainment. Best darn animals in the state. Everyone's a Minnesotan. Lovely landscaping. Oh, those clever crafters, bakers and canners. Nice to dream about in the winter. Greatest family reunion in the world.
~Gayle Watland, Maplewood, MN

I vote for the State Fair because it pulls together all aspects of Minnesota in one place. For example: agriculture, natural resources, the U of M marching band, sports, beer!,talent, and the feeling of being one big Minnesota family! There is even more I can't even think of now that makes the State Fair Minnesota.
~Stephanie Osterberg, Alexandria, MN

I have always heard the corn dog was first at the fair. My mother raved about eating them as a girl.
~Bette deFiebre, Columbia Heights, MN

Dairy Booth with all the milk you can drink at County Fairs and State Fair I'm a milk lover. I drink a lot of milk. It's been part of my Minnesota Fair experience to drink milk. One thing I never miss during the summer is visiting the Dairy Booth at local county fairs and at the Minnesota State Fair.
~Mary Ann B. O'Reilley, Waconia, MN

Example of what's best in the state and sharing of information for growth and progress.
~Peggy Callow, Hopkins, MN

It describes who we are as Minnesotans. It is affordable for anyone to attend. There is something for everyone. I have never gone without learning something new and also gaining weight! You can't beat cheese curds - truly Minnesotan!
~Brian Wieber, Rogers, MN

Large and lengendary with classic, well-maintained and preserved buildings with distinctive architecture, the Minnesota State Fair is a state icon where anything on-a-stick can be found.
~Nanchy Larson, Coon Rapids, MN

Minnesota State Fair is one Minnesota event that draws together all societies, nationalities, strengths and joys to share with the state and the world.
~Julie Huggett, Woodbury, MN

147 years of celebrating the people and products of Minnesota! The State Fair unites us, entertains us, and showcases the best of Minnesota to the world.
~Rosemary Diedrich, Garfield, MN

The 4-H Hilton is the 4-H building on the State Fairgrounds. It has transformed more than thousands of people throughout the years, whether you are just taking a tour around to see the projects or staying there overnight for the projects and for more. From spending 1/3 of my summer there for state arts, I am sure that that building has changed my life for the better.
~Angele Lundberg, Anoka, MN

It really is the great Minnesota get-together. People from all over the state and all over the world congregate to share in this common experience. It's definitely one of the highlights of my year.
~Annie Muske, Lakeville, MN

Food on a Stick It is a tradition and an icon to the country.
~Mitchell Swenson, Bloomington, MN

Brought families together for fun, for food. A safe place to be and gather memories for the future.
~Barb Perry, Elko, MN

It brought people together.
~Lindsay Karner, Eden Prairie, MN

Minnesota State Fair - how it ties everyone together. Agriculture, politics and the Ferris wheel. It is a melting pot of Minnesota culture at the State Fair.
~Michael Meyers

The state fair is the one time where we can basically eat all day. No matter who the person is.

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