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Runner-up Nominations

3M's invention of how to make sandpaper I'm fuzzy about the exact history in my mind, the success of the sandpaper led to Scotch tape which led to masking tape which eventually led to Post-it Notes. All of these Minnesota products are used world wide.
~Jane H. Keyes, Bayport, MN

Post-it Notes Post-it Notes were invented by 3M, one of the largest and most inovative companies in Minnesota. The original Post-its were made in yellow 3 by 3 squares and were an instant success for leaving notes and messages everywhere. They have since been made in other colors, sizes, for advertising, phone messages, with many cute and decorative designs, small flags and many other uses. Post-it Notes recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The most recent addition is a version called Super Sticky Notes.
~Janice Soeffner, Maplewood, MN

Scratch and Sniff Stickers from 3M and Trend Enterprises The smelly process was invented in Minnesota, as I understand it, by 3M. Further, Trend Enterprises in New Brighton, was selling 300 million a month at one point in the early 1980s. Scratch and Sniff stickers are really one of the first, if not the first, huge popular culture collecting craze. The stickers were everywhere well before pogs, action figures, and most other collectibles aimed at kids. It's been just about 30 years and they are still making them ....
~Andy Hemmings, Austin, TX

Post-it Notes Just take a look in any office in the world and you'll see sticky notes - invented in Minnesota.
~Rich Loken, Bloomington, MN

Scotch Tape Minnesota-born company, still one of biggest, most recognizable product worldwide.
~Theresa Stead

3M is a Minnesota company that does business and is recognized around the world. It is a major employer in the state, and has been a model of innovative research and development practices. 3M products, from Scotch tape to Post-It notes, have transformed the way people live their lives and conduct their business. It's also a good story of a company that started small and grew fairly steadily.
~Meg Ubel, St. Paul, MN

3M Scotch Tape/Post-It Notes It is used in every business and household. How do you find the page you want to remember? Put a Post-it on it.
~Carrey Olin, Stewartville, MN

A Minnesota-born company, 3M is now internationally known and a major employer all over the world, making and selling high quality products in the world marketplace.
~Susan L. Estill, Burnsville, MN

Sand Paper This was the invention that started the 3M company when it was created in Two Harbors, MN. From there, 3M has put Minnesota on the map with Scotch Tape, Post-it Notes, and thousands of other inventions.
~Patricia Day, Eden Prairie, MN'

Home to Minnesota Mining, Invention of Scotch Tape, Post-it Notes, and many industrial applications used nationwide.
~George E. Fish, Rochester, MN'

This Minnesota company not only is a hallmark of Minnesota, but a dominant business in the world. This company has outlived most businesses and permeates activities in the personal, business, government, medical, industrial and most other human activities. I cannot itemize the products and impact this company has had on Minnesota including the charitable tone in the state through the estate of the McKnight Foundation. And, let us not forget the Post-It Notes.
~ Barb Sutey

The sticky note. Scotch Guard, invisible tape -- Need I say more?
~Gretchen Huwe, Clear Lake, MN

Post-It Notes Post-It Notes are truly ubiquitous. No country in the world is without them. No company is the world is without them. Only the most primitive people living in the remotest of areas on the planet don't use them regularly. They are available in every office supply, supermarket, news shop and entertainment store in every major city of the world. Their uses include business communication, personal, entertainment and advertising. The real question: Where would we be WITHOUT them?!
~Bill Jolitz, North Oaks, MN

They gave us Post-its and Scotch Tape(!) and lots of jobs, a boost to our economy, and international recognition.
~Karen Kunze, Slayton, MN

Scotch Tape Who hasn't wrapped a gift, finished a school project or saved a piece of paper with Scotch tape?
~Brian Motiaytis, Minneapolis, MN

Big employer. Worldwide reputation. Scotch tape, etc.
~Dagmar Isaacson, New Brighton, MN

Small abrasive company started in northern Minnesota - by fostering innovation has grown into a very diverse corporation and is worldwide.
~Margaret Matchinsky, Alexandria, MN

Provided a whole new window on our world. Jobs, products, notoriety, commerce.
~Lee Dudycha, Racine, WI

The Post-it Note invented by 3M. What home or business has not had contact with this handy invention? It is helpful for both individuals and businesses and is so convenient!
~Bruce A. Swanson, Minnetonka, MN'

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