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Runner-up Nominations

The health people of our Planet relates to the dedication of the Mayo Brothers and consistent records of the County they lived and practiced in.
~Phyllis Webb, Grand Rapids, MI

The Mayo Clinic is the third best research clinic in the world. It attracts many people from all around the world. The Mayo Clinic helps find cures to illnesses that others cannot do.
~Evelyn Norris, Minneapolis, MN

The Mayo Brothers. The Mayo Clinic is known throughout the world and world leaders come to Rochester for excellent care.
~Sandy Tuzinski, Bloomington, MN

This world-renowned hospital and clinic have become the destination for the finest and most cutting-edge medical treatment around. It became the model for others to emulate.
~Patricia Stahl, Minneapolis, MN

Charlie and Wilbur Mayo and Mayowood House and grounds Mayo raised geese on his homesite and worked with Rochester to get geese in Silver Lake, Rochester, Mn. We now have thousands that come there yearly.
~Carole A. Miner, Rochester, MN

World-renowned medical expertise.
~Jo Ann Gross, Minneapolis, MN

Makes Minnesota famous for its medical facilities.
~Julie Hinseth

The Mayo Brothers, because they started the Mayo Clinic.
~Courtney Schwartz, Minneapolis, MN

The Mayo Clinic is a beacon of hope for thousands of people each year, who come for anything from routine check-ups to help with life-threatening illnesses. It offers a theraputic environment for the soul as well as the body, providing visual art displays and music of all sorts around the campus. Most importantly, there is a comraderie among the patients who come from all over the world and from all socioeconomic backrounds, which is healing in itself. It reminds us that our humanity is the same regardless of our race, sex, or country.
~Ann Diedrich, Rochester, MN

Changed the practice of medicine to a group practice of cooperation, not competition between medical professionals.
~Jim Miner, Rochester, MN

These brothers transformed not only Minnesota, but indeed our country and or world, with state-of-the-art medical procedures. From a small rural clinic to today's world-renowned hospital and clinics, the Mayo brothers are pioneers, heroes, and Minnesota's lasting legacy. The Mayo Clinic is the one thing Minnesota is known for the world over.
~Bruce Hall, Maple Grove, MN

The millions of lives being saved there has really put Minnesota on the map.
~MaryAnn Urban

The healthcare improvments for ALL the WORLD.
~Frank Schadewald

Where to begin... At the Mayo Clinic it was recognised that blood values are a powerful diagnostic help;Cortisol was produced there first, helping countless patients around the world with various inflammatory diseases to live a life with their disease controlled; introducing to this day cutting-edge solutions for all kinds of medical problems, and leading in several fields, like colon surgery (which I had there, being from the Netherlands) and endocrinology.
~Henk J. Damhoff

People from all over the world travel to Mayo to seek the highest level of care available. The name Mayo is synonymous with world class health care.
~Brenda Madsen, Fairmont, MN

The story of the early Doctors Mayo is very interesting.
~Evelyn D. Harne, Roseville, MN

The Mayo Brothers changed modern medical ideas and set a standard for modern doctors and is still the height of hospital care and treatment.
~Noam Freshman, St. Louis Park, MN

The Mayo has changed many lives worldwide for the better. They have provided us with a very identifiable history which has strong ties to Minnesota in numerous ways.
~Jack & Cindy Hillegass, Plymouth, MN

Mayo Clinic is nationally renowned and represents Minnesota's excellence in education and innovation.
~Diane Kretsch, Roseville, MN

Center of health care, excellence in medical core research. World-famous.
~Kathleen Patten-Marsh, Minneapolis, MN

Changed all aspects of medicine to the way it is now. Largest employer, largest taxpayer, second in the world for medical care. First place to go for cardiac care.
~Joan Musel, Spring Valley, MN

The Mayo Clinic has given us a wonderful gift - wonderful health care.
~Phyllis Schadewald, Bloomington, MN

Through their passion of wanting to heal, and to find solutions and answers to causes of diseases, they chose Minnesota to start their healing. Still driven today, as yesteryear, now the whole world looks to them for treatment for their conditions from world leaders to everyday people. Always moving forward in health care and healing practices.
~Cindy Pothen, St. Paul, MN

Ongoing influence on the world as people from all over come for medical attention. Our quality of life has been improved by the clinic in Rochester. MN
~Jan Johnson, Bloomington, MN

Dr. Mayo and his two sons came to Minnesota to help following a tornado. Sister Joseph approached Dr. Mayo after the crisis and asked him to help with a hospital. St. Mary's eventually developed into the world-famous clinic in Rochester, MN.
~Vickie Gangness, Minneapolis, MN

Mayo Brothers William and Charles William and Charles Mayo made medicine and modern medical practice a top priority and brought team practice to medicine, establishing a world-known medical center in Rochester, MN.
~Steve Williams, Rochester, MN

It set a standard of health care that is recognized throughout the world for excellence.
~Mary Parker

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