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Runner-up Nominations

Before Pigs Eye served his first beer in what would become St. Paul, Grand Portage had a thriving community. Before the Declaration of Independence was signed, Grand Portage was significant to the commerce of several nations. The fur trade brought the first Europeans to the region, and Grand Portage was central to the business. The significance did not stop when the United States was formed. Throughout the treaty process that attempted to establish the border with Canada, Grand Portage played a central role, it is even mentioned by name in Article II of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty between the United States and Britain that established the border we have today.

Grand Portage is significant to Minnesota still today. Thr Grand Portage National Monument is one of only two in the State of Minnesota. It is also home to one of Minnesota's newest state parks. Grand Portage State Park is the only state park in the nation that is co-managed by the state and an Indian tribe. The Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe own the land the park is located on and the state leases the property from them.

For the reasons mentioned, I believe Grand Portage is one of the 150 most important aspects of our Minnesota history.
~Ron Woolery, Little Falls, MN

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