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Runner-up Nominations

The landscape of Minnesota today was created by glaciers. Their meltwater then created glacial lake Agassiz and the Mississippi and I believe Minnesota rivers. I believe, but I may be wrong, that they also laid down the limestone that is the basis of St. Anthony falls; if they didn't, whatever event did that should also be considered.
~ Steve BoydSmith

Without the glaciers, no lakes.
~Dean Ellingson, Brooklyn Park, MN

Five glaciers, glacial lake Duluth, more shoreline than California and Oregon put together. Not including any of our boundary waters, the Boundary Water Canoe Area, all our lakes and rivers, our hills and plains, our trees, our summers and our winters. But most of all the people who live and love here in Minnesota, past and present. The history of the people from its pioneer days to present helps to make Minnesota Minnesota.
~Susie Belford, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota used to be a state with no rivers and no lakes. Then the glaciers came, they carved all Minnesota except the corners. When the glaciers melted and left big lakes and lakes like Lake Superior was a little bit more bigger. When the temperatures got higher the lakes shrunk, making rivers.
~Jose M. C. Cervantes, Minneapolis, MN

The Laurentide ice sheet The Laurentide Ice sheet created Minnesota's diverse topography. It gave rise to thousands of lakes and rivers, including Lake Superior and the Mississippi, Minnesota and Red Rivers, which have significantly influenced Minnesota's cultural, biological, and economic history.
~Roberta L. Wilson Patten

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